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Contest Winners!

The 2013 Contest Winners

Winners Announced!
Here are the winners of the grand prize and first and second
place in both the Soldering and Workbench category:

Grand Prize Winner - Fluke 87V DMM
Dennis Richards, North Carolina

Soldering First Prize - X-Tronic 6040 Rework Station
Eric Shafer, Ohio
Soldering Second Prize - $50 Mouser Gift Certificate
David Singletary, Louisiana
Workbench First Prize - Weller WES51 Soldering Station
Clifford Jones, Washington State
Workbench Second Prize - $50 Mouser Gift Certificate
Mark Hewett, North Carolinia

The grand prize winner of the Fluke 87V DMM was randomly selected from all entries and the winners in of each of the soldering and workbench categories were randomly selected from the ten finalists below.
Congratulations to all the winners.

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Soldering Category

(in no particular order)
Workbench Category

(in no particular order)
William Ray William Ray, Ohio
If there was a prize for quantity Ray would win it hands down. How many soldering irons, stations, and guns can you spot in this photo?
Mark Hewett Mark Hewett, North Carolinia
Workbench Second Prize - $50 Mouser Gift Certificate

A project on the bench and everything's within easy reach, including a vintage Fluke hand held and bench meters.
Scott Seickel Scott Seickel, New Jersey
Close up of a nice Hakko 808 Desoldering gun. The switch box above allows a visual indication. It has 2 switched receptacles with power indicator lights so he knows when the irons are on.
Clifford Jones Clifford Jones, Washington State
Workbench First Prize - Weller WES51 Soldering Station

Maximum use of space. Just about every inch is utilized. Alas, it doesn't seem to leave much room for projects.
Eric Shafer Eric Shafer, Ohio
Soldering First Prize - X-Tronic 6040 Rework Station

Big and old - If there was a category for biggest and oldest this monster soldering iron would have won it. Yes that is a penny next to the tip.
Mark Palmer Mark Palmer, Pennsylvania
Mark is the only one of all the entries that dared to show his face. For bravery and having a great looking workbench with lots of room for projects he's a finalist.
David Singletary David Singletary, Louisiana
Soldering Second Prize - $50 Mouser Gift Certificate

Hands down the most artful shot entered. Of course having that beautiful Weller soldering station as the subject helps.
John Rubier John Rubier, Florida
Space seems to be at a premium on John's workbench but hopefully he'll make room the Weller soldering station if he wins it.
Brandon Sylvester Brandon Sylvester, Alabama
A nice photo of his father's old Weller soldering station that he restored. I've used that same model Weller station for over 30 years. Brandon if you win the new one don't get rid of this one. My trusty old Weller still gets more use than the new Weller station that sits right next to it.
Preston Smith Preston Smith, Pennsylvania
Preston's bench is fairly new. He has three sections set up for diagnostic, soldering, and physical repair. It has a 1950s-60s theme with no transistorized equipment and has vintage lights and a phone from 1950s. It looks like a museum display now but I'm sure after a few projects it will get that "normalized" look like the rest of ours.
Congratulations to all the Winners!

A few additional prizes were awarded during the contest that were seperate from entries and selected from interesting "Up Your Bench" posts about the contest on various electronic forums and facebook.

Guy Dunphy's Bush Bench Our first winner was Guy Dunphy from Sydney Australia. He had posted in the "Up Your Bench" discussion on the EEVBlog Forum (his first day on the forum!).
At left is a photo of his mobile bench he uses in the bush. Everyone's heard of "Field Service" here in the states but "Bush Service"?.

V. Milone, Stamford, NY - Facebook Aoyue soldering tip cleaner
N. Duvernay, Spokane, WA - Facebook Extech TL809 Electronic Test Lead Kit

Up Your Bench!
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