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Steve's Antique Technology, Auburn NY

1933 Supreme Instruments Corp. Catalog
Front Cover Photo

The Supreme Catalog photo is on the left, the original RCA Workbench photo on the right.

Cover photo and original RCA Workbench photo

For the 1933 catalog photo, Supreme removed the RCA logo and other test meters shown built into the back wall in the original photo by drawing in a screen and blackboard.
In the cover photo, the gentleman's hair was also redrawn and an outline of the manual on the bench was highlighted so that the Supreme name would stand out.

In the RCA photo on the right, the large black test panel built into the wall above the RCA logo is actually a panel option from Supreme made from an earlier Supreme 400B model Diagnometer and designed to be wall mounted. It was quite common in the late 1920s and early 1930's to have the radio test equipment custom built into the service bench.

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