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Steve's Antique Technology
Sams Photofact Schematics
Factory Service Manuals
Zenith 5-S-29

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RCA Slide Charts
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Drake 905 Soldering Kit
Weller 8250A Soldering Kit
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Steve's Antique Technology Welcome to Steve's Antique Technology.
I am a collector of old technology, antique vacuum tube radios & vintage transistor radios, electronic test equipment, soldering irons & soldering guns, and vintage record players. I also have an extensive (500,000+) library of Original Factory Service Manuals and schematics and SAMs Photofact Service Manuals from the 1920s through the 1960s. This main site contains over 2,000 files, photos, and pages. If you get lost, try using the Site Search button or the Sitemap link located at the bottom left of most pages.

Vintage Test Equipment
Vintage Test Equipment
Vintage Test Equipment Collection
My vintage test equipment collection is by far the largest and most popular category on this site and the main focus of my collecting. It includes the special sections listed below.

My Supreme Instruments Collection
My Collection of Soldering Tools Soldering Irons, Soldering Guns, and Soldering Tools
Over the years I've accumulated quite a few antique soldering irons, guns, and tools, so many that they now have their own section. Here you will find examples of early soldering irons and guns, vintage soldering stations, tools, and soldering history.

Antique Radio Collection Antique Radios
Items in my Antique Radio Collection include early tube sets, transistors,
early bicycle radios, and vintage advertising.

Vintage Record Players Vintage Record Players and Phonographs
I'm particularly attracted to unique items and styles. Here are a few phonographs that mostly sport unique designs.

My Radio Workbench My Electronics Workbench
Supreme Instruments Collection My collection of Supreme Test Instruments at
Colby Radios The Colby Radio Research Laboratory
in Auburn NY
Ferguson Big Board Computer My Ferguson Big Board Computer

I also operate several related sites offering an extensive library of original and downloadable factory service manuals, Photofact Service Manuals, and schematics for vintage Tube and Transistor Radios, Record Players, Tube Amplifiers, Tape Recorders, Classis Car Radios, Record Changers, and more: offers a large selection of manufacturer's original factory service manuals and schematics for hundreds of makes and models of vintage Tube and Transistor Radios, Record Players, Record Changers, Tube Amplifiers, Tape Recorders, and Automobile Radios.
"The Schematic Man" supplies original SAMS Photofact service manuals via U.S. Mail and high resolution downloads at a fraction of the cost from the publisher. It also includes an easy to use on-line alphabetical index for finding the Photofact folder number for your model.
The site offers thousands of original Photofact folders and over 8,000 downloads with 2,500+ of the most popular Photofacts available to download instantly in high resolution, printable, PDF format.
If you restore antique and classic cars this site allows you to find that elusive car radio schematic without having to search through thousands of non-auto radio service manuals.


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