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Zenith 5-S-29

Record Changer Service Manuals

Servicing Vintage Record Changers - View on-line

Vintage Phonographs and Record Players.

Also see some of the items from my vintage
Radio Collection and Test Equipment Collection.


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Record Changer Service Manuals?

Edison Cylinder Player Edison Phonograph - Model B Cylinder Player (1906)
Produced in 1906, this 2 minute Edison Cylinder Player came complete with it's "Witches Hat" horn and the original finish. It's fitted with a Model C reproducer. Later models were able to play 2 and 4 minute cylinders.
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Motorboard Photo

Not For Sale

Edison Standard Cylinder Player Edison Standard Phonograph - Cylinder Player
This Edison Standard 2 minute cylinder player has the optional "Combination Attachment" to allow it to play two minute and four minute Cylinders. Attached and hanging from a crain is an original hand painted Tea Tray Co. Morning Glory horn. The player is sitting on an original Herzog oak six drawer cylinder storage cabinet with a post for each cylinder. The cabinet holds 252 cylinders and each post is numbered for indexing.
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Edison Combination Attachment
Edison cylinder storage cabinet
Edison Standard Operating Instructions View on-line
Edison Combination Attachment Instructions View on-line

Not For Sale

Victor Victrola Record Early Victor Record
Early Victor 78 RPM records were single sided. This Victor Victrola Record has a "Victor" design pressed on the back.
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Edison vs Victrola Records

Do you know The difference between an Edison Diamond Disk Record and a Victrola Record?

Edison Letter of Authentication
Edison Diamond Disk Record
and Sleeve

Interesting framed collectible of a "virginal" 1918 Edison Diamond Disk Record and sleeve authenticated in 1967 by the director of the Thomas Avla Edison Foundation at Syracuse University.
Also found a cassette tape and registration/transfer form tucked in the back.
Looks good hanging on the wall.

Larger Photo
Included Information sheet
Letter of Authentication
Cassette and registration/transfer form

Edison Diamond Disk Record

Edison H-19 Diamond Disk Phonograph
Not For Sale
Edison H-19 Diamond Disk Phonograph
This Edison Diamond Disk Phonograph was one of the last models produced by Edison in the 1920s. By the late 1920s electrified phonographs were quickly replacing their mechanical predecessors.
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Diamond Disk Storage

Peter Pan Gramophone
This portable French Peter Pan gramophone packs up into a small camera size box (7"x4½"x6½"). It was sold in the 1920s

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GE Teardrop Model CJM-3 Canadian General Electric Model CJM-3 "Teardrop" 78 rpm record player. This Canadian made GE model CJM-3 Teardrop body and beautiful streamlined style bakelite tone arm were designed by John Vassos.

The Astatic cartridge used victrola type needles. There are two holders under the tone arm for storing new and used needles. This record player was designed to plug into and use a radio as the amplifier. There was also a similar model HM-21 that contained a wireless transmitter to broadcast to an AM radio so no direct hook-up was necessary.

Larger Photo
Factory Service Manual

Not For Sale

GE Teardrop Model 16 General Electric Model 16 "Teardrop" 78 rpm record player. This U.S. made GE model 16 Teardrop record player has a one tube amplifier and speaker. I don't think the amp was original. I suspect from the construction and use of a Crosley speaker, it was added so it would not require the use of a radio.
I do not have any data on this model record player yet. You will notice from the photo that it did not have the bakelite tone arm of earlier models.

Larger Photo
Inside Photo

Not For Sale

Philco Radio/Phonograph Philco 49-1401 Radio/Phonograph
This Philco radio/phonograph was produced in 1949 and plays 10" and 12" 78 rpm records. It contains Philcos M-7 automatic record player. Just slide your favorite record in the front. It starts automatically.
Larger Photo
M-7 Record Player
Factory Service Manual

Not For Sale

Philco M-15 Record Player Philco M-15 Record Player (1948)
This Philco M-15 record player was designed to play the new "Vinylite" Long Playing 33 1/3 RPM records and to plug into Philco radios with a phono jack input.
Larger Photo
Closed Photo
1949 Flyer
Factory Service Manual

Not For Sale

RCA 6J Record Player RCA 6J Record Player (1946)
This RCA 78 RPM record player was designed to plug into RCA radios with a phono jack input. A volume control is located under the tone arm. When not in use the tone arm pushes down to be stored flush with the top.
Larger Photo
Arm Stored Photo
Factory Service Manual

Not For Sale

First RCA 45 RPM Record First 45 RPM Record - March 1949
This is the first 45 RPM record commercially released by RCA. It's RCA record #48-0001 by Eddy Arnold. A side is Texarkana Baby, B side is Bouquet Of Roses. Part of the first set of 45s released, Texarkana Baby is the first number in that set.
The first 45s were color coded, county & western green, children's records were yellow, classical red or dark blue, rhythm & blues orange, and popular songs were black vinyl. A RCA pre-release 45 demonstration pack was sent to record stores in February of 1949 but was not for sale to the public.
Larger Photo
Photo of RCA 45 Sleeve

RCA 45 Color Chart

RCA 45-EY-2 Phonograph RCA 45-EY-2 Phonograph (1950)
This is a early RCA 45 RPM phonograph. Designed to play up to 12 7" 45s at a time.
Larger Photo
Factory Service Manual

Not For Sale

Zenith Cobra-Matic Record Player
Not For Sale
Zenith Cobra-Matic Record Player S-9010
Zenith Model S-9010 uses Cobra-Matic changer S-14055 and amp chassis 4L02 Designed to play up to 12" records, this changer is designed with variable speed from 10 RPMs to more than 80 RPMs. Note the snake shaped tone arm and the Cobra shaped record pressure bar.
Larger Photo
45 RPM Adapter
Cobra-Matic cartridges Data Sheet (PDF File)
Service Manual (Photofact 230-15)
45 RPM Adapter Instructions (PDF File)

Operating Guide
View On-line

Zenith Cobra-Matic Micro Adapter Zenith Cobra-Matic Micro Adapter
This Zenith Cobra-Matic Micro Adapter was designed to allow the playing of 33 and 45 RPM records on a Zenith 78 RPM Cobra-Matic record player. You placed the adapter over the spindle on a single speed 78 RPM Cobra-Matic record player using the hole by the tone arm. A rubber wheel underneath rode on top of the 78 RPM platter and drove the adapter at either 33 RPM or 45 RPM. The lever moved the rubber wheel further out on the 78 platter for 45 RPM or toward the center for 33 RPM.

You removed the cartridge on the 78 RPM Cobra-Matic tone arm and the tiny Cobra-Matic tone arm wires plugged into the cartridge holder of the larger 78 RPM arm.
Larger Photo

MAD Magazine Records
"It's A Gas - Alfred E. Newman"
"Nose Job - The Dellwoods"
What collection could ignore these cardboard records from the pages of MAD Magazine from the 1960s? Yes, these 5½" records really play.
Larger Photo

His Master's Voice RCA Victor Nipper Statue RCA Victor Nipper The Dog Statue
This beautiful clay statue of Nipper the Dog, (His Masters Voice) is 14.5" tall and weighs in at 9 lbs, 2 oz.
I purchased it from a retired RCA employee that got it at the employees store at the RCA plant in Mountaintop PA in the late 1960's or early 1970's.
Larger Photo

Not For Sale

RCA Victor Service Pin RCA Victor 10 Year Service Pin
This beautifully designed RCA Victor 10 Year Service pin is 10K gold and only 5/8" wide.
It has the classic RCA logo on the left and Nipper The Dog on the right over "His Masters Voice".
The back is marked 10K over "LEAVENS".
Size Comparison Photo
More Radio Service Pins
Not For Sale

Looking for Record Changer Service Manuals?


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