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Zenith 5-S-29

Solo Canoes

My collection of antique radios and vintage test equipment and electronics is constantly expanding. This page is designed to give you a general description of the larger sections and help you navigate to the main pages of the categories listed below. It by no means lists the 500+ pages and over 500,000 files and schematics available on my electronics related web sites, but you may use the site search options below the search box to search by site, category, manufacture, or model number.

*** Please Note: Some sections have grown too large for my original
site and are now listed under their own domain names including:
Photofacts,   Original Factory Service Manuals,   Supreme Test Instruments,   and Links.

Steve's Antique Technology
Photofact Schematics
Original Factory Service Manuals
Supreme Test Instruments

My Radio & Test Equipment Collections:

Recent Additions and Major Updates:
As my collection grows, new pages, sites, and categories, are created and expanded.
Check here for pages I have added or expanded recently:

Links To My Related web Sites:

  • I have around 500,000 service manuals and schematics for vintage radios, record players, amplifiers, and test equipment in my current electronics library available for download.
  • Original and downloadable Photofact Service Manuals.
  • My collection of vintage test equipment manufactured by Supreme Instruments.
  • My links site for information on collecting antique radios, test equipment, and vintage techonolgy.
  • Facebook


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