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Steve's Vintage Simpson Collection
Welcome to my collection of vintage Simpson Test Equipment. This site contains information about some of the test equipment in my collection manufactured by the
Simpson Electric Company of Chicago.

Simpson 260 VOM Simpson Model 260 Set Tester

The Simpson 260 VOM is probably the most common analog Volt-Ohm-Meter used in industry since the 1950s and is still manufactured and used today.
This Simpson 260 pictured was my first piece of test equipment. I've owned it for over 48 years and during that time have blown it up on more than one occasion.

Larger Photo
1951 Catalog Listing
Find 260 manuals here:

Simpson 650 Transistor Tester Simpson 260 Add-A-Testers
Simpson 650 Transistor Tester

The 650 Transistor Tester was one of the adapters in the Simpson 260's "Ad-A-Tester" line. The Add-A-Testers plugged into the bottom row of bannana jacks on the 260. Included in the Add-A-Tester line was the 650 Transistor Tester, 651 DC VTVM, 652 Temperature Tester, 653 AC Ammeter, 654 Audio Wattmeter, 655 Microvolt Attenuator, and the 656 Battery Tester.
Simpson Add-A-Tester
Larger Photo
Attached to 260
Add-A-Tester Line

Simpson 260 High Voltage Probe Simpson 260 Series III High Voltage Probe

The Simpson 260 Series III High Voltage Probe for measuring up to 25,000 volts. Probe body is 11 ½ inches long including tip.

Larger Photo
Instruction Sheet (PDF file)
1951 Catalog Listing

Simpson Roto Ranger Simpson Model 221 "Roto Ranger"

The Simpson Roto Ranger is a unique VOM. Measuring AC and DC volts, Milliamperes, and Ohms, it incorporated an automatic rotating scale in the face so only the range the operator sees is the range the VOM is set to.

Larger Photo
Front Panel Photo
221 Sales Flyer
1951 Catalog Listing

Simpson 390 Simpson Model 390 Volt-Amp-Wattmeter

The Simpson Model 390 Volt-Amp-Wattmeter uses a "Break-in" plug/cable to allow an appliance serviceman to measure the line voltage, current draw, and wattage of an appliance under operating conditions. This 390's operator's manual is dated 1958.

Larger Photo
With Cable
Connection Diagram
1951 Catalog listing

Simpson 375 Simpson Model 373 Milliamp Meter

The Simpson Model 373 Milliamp Meter measures from one to one thousand milliamps in nine ranges. Notice it does not have the typical Simpson black case that most Simpson portable meters had.

Larger Photo
1951 Catalog listing

Simpson 315 Signal Generator Simpson Model 315 Signal Generator

The model 315 is an RF signal generator that covers 75 kilocycles to 10 megacycles. There are 6 frequency bands with an audio oscillator at 400hz.

Larger Photo

Simpson 415 Signal Generator Simpson Model 415 Signal Generator

The Simpson model 415 is an RF signal generator that covers 75 kilocycles to 130 megacycles. There are 7 frequency bands with a 400hz audio oscillator. circa 1946.

Larger Photo
Chassis Photo

Simpson 480 Genescope Simpson Model 480 FM-TV Genescope

The model 480 Genescope is three service instruments in one. It contains an Amplitude Modulated Oscillator for AM service, a Frequency Modulated Oscillator for working on FM and TV receivers, and a full function oscilloscope.
The oscilloscope tube is mounted vertically and the display is viewed using a hinged mirror on the top of the cabinet.

Larger Photo
Scope Display
1951 Catalog Listing

1951 Simpson Catalog 1951 Simpson Test Equipment Catalog
View On-line

This catalog shows the full line of Simpson test equipment for radio and TV servicing. Almost every piece of test equipment listed above is contained in this catalog.

View Individual Pages

Simpson Catalog 2064A Simpson Test Equipment Catalog 2064A
No date but looks to be ~1960s.

View On-line


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