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Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.
Steve's Hickok Test Equipment Collection
Hickok Electrical Instrument Co., Cleveland Ohio

Welcome to my collection of early Hickok Test Equipment. This site contains information about antique and vintage vacuum tube testers and test equipment in my collection manufactured by the Hickok Electrical Instrument Co. of Cleveland Ohio.

The Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.
was founded in 1910 by Mr. R.D. Hickok
More Information:

Hickok's First Tube Tester, the B-47 The First Hickok Tube Tester

Hickok's very first tube tester and the first dynamic mutual conductance radio tube tester, Hickok's model B-47.
Acording to the original Hickok history web page, only this one unit was built in the first half of the 1920s.

More Information and Photos

Hickok SG-4700 ? Early Hickok Tube Tester - SG-4600 ?
This early 5 meter Hickok tube tester is battery powered and requires both A and B batteries to perform tube testing. There is no model number on the faceplate or the case. It is similar to the reportedly first commercial Hickok tube tester, the five meter SG-4600 manufactured in the 1920s but this tester only has two tube sockets and a different faceplate layout. The SG-4600 testers I have seen have three tube sockets. I have seen several variations of these Hickok testers. This two socket tester might be the first of that series.
Larger Photo
Nameplate Photo

Hickok AC-47-A Hickok Tube Tester - AC-47-A
This is the later model of the Hickok AC-47 tube tester series that sold in the early 1930s. It is AC powered and requires an external #80 rectifier tube to perform tube testing. It was produced around 1936. This version has three sockets for testing tubes. The left socket on this AC-47-A will accept several different pin tube bases that the earlier AC-47 models did not have. They required external adapters for testing later tubes.
Larger Photo

Hickok SG-4800 Radio Set Tester Hickok SG-4800 Radio Set Tester
This set tester was manufactured around 1929 (guess). It measures AC and DC volts, resistance, capacitance, and DC milliamps. The set tester is battery and AC powered and requires 5 batteries to perform various tests. It has a battery chart glued to the inside bottom of the case.
Larger Photo
Faceplate and adapters
Battery Chart

Hickok Signal Generator Hickok OS7 Audio and Radio Signal Generator
This 1935 Hickok Signal Generator is AC powered. There is no model number on the faceplate or the case. It has Model 46 printed on the face of the meter. It generates audio and RF signals in 7 ranges from kilocycles through the broadcast band and megacycles. Tuning dial has a bakelite case with the HICKOK name molded into it. I'd place it in the early 1930's. It looks to be the same series as the next two meters below.
Larger Photo
Tuning Dial
OS7 Schematic (Adobe PDF File)

Hickok Model 47 Early Hickok
Volt/Ohm/Capacity Meter - Model 47?

This early Hickok meter is AC powered. There is no model number on the faceplate or the case. It has Model 47 printed on the face of one meter. It measurers resistance, capacitance, and voltage. It uses an original Sylvania SX-171-A Power Amplifier 4 pin vacuum tube. From the construction I'd place it in the late 1920's.
Meter Face
Meter in case
Hickok Nameplate

Hickok Model 48 Meter Early Hickok Volt/Ohm Meter - Model 48?
This is one of the earliest Hickok meters I have seen. It is marked Model 48 on the face of the meter. It measurers resistance (Ohms) and DC voltage. From the construction I'd place it in the late 1920's. It uses the same style of parts as the SG-4600 Tube Tester below and the Hickok Model 47 meter above.
Larger Photo

Hickok 4780-B Hickok 4780-B Capacity Tester
This Hickok meter measures capacity in five ranges selected by the corosponding "A, B, C, D, E" probe inputs.
Larger Photo

Hickok 4900-S Set Tester Hickok 4900-S Set Tester
This 1937 portable 4900-S Set Tester measures capacitance, resistance, AC and DC milliamps, and AC and DC volts up to 2,500 volts.
Larger Photo
Inside Photo
4900S schematic (Adobe PDF File)

Hickok 150 D.C. Voltmeter Hickok 150 D.C. Voltmeter
This Hickok 150 "Packard" D.C. Voltmeter was manufactured by Hickok as a battery tester for Packard Automobile Service Dealers, probably late 1930s or early 1940s. It is brass and has a bakelite case. It measures from 0-10 volts DC and by pressing the button on the top measures 0-3 volts DC. From tip to top it's 8 inches. It also has a brass hook attached at both sides that rotates to allow hanging the meter under the hood. The 5 inch negitive probe has a 27 inch test lead.
Hickok list their version as model 5038T.
Larger Photo
5038T Catalog Listing
Hickok "Chargicator" Catalog (Similar Units)

Hickok Model 10 Hickok Signal Generator Model 10
Hickok Model 10 signal generator, 100 KC - 20 MC output. Right meter is frequency selector and left meter is output in Decibels.
Larger Photo

Hickok Model 110-B Hickok Vacuum Tube Voltmeter Model 110-B
This Hickok Model 110B Vacuum Tube Voltmeter has a round high voltage probe that clips on the top of the case for storage.
Larger Photo

Hickok 51X Tube Tester Hickok 51X Tube Tester
This Hickok Model 51X Mutual Conductance Tube Tester is the companion to the Model 10 Signal Generator above. The 51X tests tubes, capacitors. It also measurers AC and DC voltages, and resistance.
Larger Photo
Larger Photo - Face
51X Tube Data Sheet (Adobe PDF File)

Hickok 305 Oscilloscope Hickok Model 305 Oscillograph (Oscilloscope)
This Hickok Model 305 scope has a 3" display with a pull out light shade around the display tube to reduce glare. It takes up quite a bit of bench space.
Larger Photo
305 Schematic

More Oscilloscope Schematics

Hickok 455 VOM Hickok Model 455 Volt-Ohm-Meter
This Hickok Model 455 Volt Ohm Milliammeter had a carrying handle for portable use and a sloped meter face for ease of reading on a flat surface. This meter (455A) is the industrial version (20,000 ohms-per-volt AC & DC)
Larger Photo
Photo of Back
Sales Brochure
Catalog Listing

I-129-B Hickok Military I-129-B
Absorption Frequency Meter Set

The four hand held Absorption Frequency Meters were manufactured by the James Millen Manufacturing Co. in Malden Mass. The set with case was supplied by Hickok. The four meters cover 1.5-3.5 MC, 3.5-8 MC, 8-18 MC, 18-40 MC.
Wood Case
Meters in case
Meters in case 2
Absorption Frequency Meter
James Millen instruction sheet (PDF file)

Hickok Cardmatic 121 Hickok 121 Cardmatic Tube Tester
This was an interesting concept. In order to prevent mistakes, instead of looking up tube settings for a particular tube and having to adjust several knobs and controls, you insert the proper punch card and the tester adjusts the settings automaticly based on pins allowed through a pattern of holes punched a the card. The Cardmatic 121 was sold around 1959 and is a Mutual Conductance tube tester.
Larger Photo
Test Cards
Sales Flyer (PDF File)

Hickok 6000A Hickok 6000A Tube Tester
Not an early model but this 6000A Mutual Conductance tube tester is my daily driver. It was manufactured in the 1960s. I use this tube tester on my workbench for testing newer vacuum tubes.
Larger Photo
6000A Manual and tube data sheets here.

Hickok 215 Hickok 215 In-Circuit Analyzer - 1976
I used this Hickok analyzer for many years doing field service. It was designed to test diodes and transistors in and out of the circuit. It's powered by two 9 volt batteries. To prevent it from being left on and wearing down the batteries the tester is powered on only when the cover is open. The high impact case also protected it from damage in the bottom of my tool case.
Larger Photo
Case Closed
Catalog Listing

Hickok 5720 Hickok 5720 Auto Polarity FET Multimeter - 1976
I still use this Hickok 5720 FET Meter on my bench. It's one of my favorites and the only analog meter I have that's auto polarity. That's probably why it was marketed for training use. There is less chance of damaging the meter movement. It's very sensitive and the auto-polarity comes in handy when I'm probing unknown circuits.
I'm pretty sure it's the same as the Hickok model 370.
Larger Photo
Catalog Listing

Hickok TS-50 Test Speaker Hickok TS-50 Universal Test Speaker

Hickok Catalogs and Sales Flyers

Hickok Catalog # 10
Hickok Catalog # 120
Hickok Catalog # 30
Hickok Guarantee
Free Hickok Catalog Downloads - Adobe PDF Files:

Hickok Bulletin Number Thirty
View On-line
Early sales catalog for the Hickok SG 4700 Radio Set Tester and the Hickok AC-47 Radio Tube Tester
Download PDF

Hickok Catalog #10 (shown at left)
View On-line
This condensed catalog covers Hickok test equipment produced in 1939. Pricing on rear cover.
Download PDF

Hickok Catalog #12 (shown below)
View On-line
Catalog of Hickok's "Paneline" equipment.
Download PDF

Hickok Catalog #120 (shown at middle left)
View On-line
This catalog has no date but covers several models produced between 1939 and 1946.
Download PDF

Hickok Catalog #30 (shown at lower left)
View On-line
This full line catalog has no date but covers models produced in the mid 1950s.
Download PDF

Hickok Catalog #25
View On-line
Panel Meters (partial catalog)
Download PDF

Hickok Catalog #61D
View On-line
1960s Catalog Includes Tube testers 539B, 6000, VTVM 209A, Oscilloscopes, Transister Testers, Volt-Ohm Meters, more. (42+ pages, 17.7 Mb)
Download PDF

Hickok SFC 476 Catalog Short Form Catalog from 1970s or 80s (no date)

Hickok "Jumbo" Sales Flier 9 inch meter sales flier

Hickok "Chargicator" Catalog Includes Operating Procedures

1955 Hickok Price List

1966 Hickok Price List

Hickok Catalog 12

Additional Hickok Documentation:
Hickok Manuals, and Schematics

Hickok Documentation, Manuals, and Schematics

Hickok Electrical Instrument Company History

I am looking for older Hickok catalogs, manuals, and schematics to post
here as free downloads. Please contact me if you have any available.

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Looking for Factory Service Manuals?


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