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Free Hickok Data
Steve's Hickok Collection
Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.
Documentation, Manuals, and Schematics

Free Hickok Downloads
Adobe PDF Files
Free Hickok Data

Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.
All digital files below are free and may not be resold in any form.
Model # * Description ** Date Document # PDF File
CA-4 CA-4/750 Adapter Manual
(when used with 750 Roll Chart)
7/1/1966 3200-109 Download
CA-5 Universal Adapter Instruction Manual   2490-600 Download
CA-5 Universal Adapter Tube Data for 533A, 600A, 605A   3200-308 Download
CA-5 Schematic   1051W Download
OS7 Signal Generator Schematic 12/31/1935 139W (A) Download
OS10 Signal Generator Schematic 8/4/1936 (Revised) 154W Download
17 & 18 Signal Generator - Manual and schematic, 28 pages     Download
E-38, S-36 Electron 38 and Simplex S-36 Tube Tester Schematic 5/8/1934 242W Download
E-38 Electron 38 Tube Settings 5/10/1934   Download
AC-47 Tube Tester Schematic 10/5/1933   Download
AC-47 Manual and Tube Data (Series B) - 10 pages     Download
AC-47A Tube Tester Schematic 6/2/1936 165W Download
49X 49X Universal Meter Schematic 1/3/1934   Download
AC-51 Tube Tester Schematic 9/11/1936 189W Download
AC-4600 Tube Tester Schematic 6/23/1939 371W Download
51X Tube Data     Download
123 Cardmatic Tube Tester Manual 12+ Mb 1956   Download
123 Universal Test Speaker Diagram (148W) with modification for adding 6F6G tube socket.
& Leads & Adapters Diagram (279W).
I-177 I-177 and 545 Tube Tester Transformer Specs 8/7/1943 A391-2 Download
198 Instruction Manual with Schematic 1/20/42, 3/17/42 532W, 539W Download
209A Schematic 4/28/1949 649W-1 Download
209C Instruction Manual with Schematic and Parts List 1966   Download
209C Schematic and Parts List 1966 902-44W Download
210X Set Tester Schematic   376W Download
288X (TS465/U) TS465/U Signal Generator Manual w/schematics - 95 pages, 16.6 Mb 1953 TM 1126-42 Download
Model # * Description ** Date Document # PDF File
305 Model 305 Oscilloscope Schematic
Source: Hickok/Rider - Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes and Their Uses
1950   Download
530 Tube Tester Manual     Download
530 Tube Tester Schematic 9/20/1940, 8/1/39, 10/10/38 289W1, 310W2, 325W Download
532 Tube Tester Operating Instructions     Download
532, 533, 533DM, 534A, 534B, 539A, 600 Tube Test Data Supplement 10/1/1954 T-123 Download
532 Tube Tester Schematic 12/18/1945 608W Download
532, 532P, 532C, 533, 534, 534A, 534B, 536, 538, 600 Instructions for adding sub miniature and NOVAL sockets     Download
533A, 600A, 605A Tube Test Data Download
533A, 600A, 605A Tube Test Data - European 1964 3200-75 Download
539A 539A Operations Manual with 1949 schematic and supplementary data, 23 pages 539A-1052 Download
539A 539A Roll Chart dated July 1, 1953, 13 pages 7/1/1953 3200-42 Download
539A 539A Roll Chart dated October 1, 1958, 16 pages 10/1/1958 3200-42 Download
539A Older Tube Test Data - Hickok Reprint of older tube data from roll chart dated Oct. 1, 1957, 2 pages 10/1/1957 3200-42 Download
539A Foreign Tube Test Data     Download
539B, 539C Tube Test Data, 83 pages     Download
539B Foreign Tube Test Data - Supplement to Roll Chart 3200-55 6/1/1957   Download
539B Western Electric Tube Data - Supplement 3/9/1956   Download
539B Germanium Diode Test Data 1956?   Download
539B Schematic - Note incorrect 339B model number on schematic? 8/25/1953 870W Download
539B, 539C Obsolete Tube Data - Supplement 1968 3200-163 Download
539C Operations Manual and Schematic 5/17/61   Download
539C, 539B Tube Test Data, 83 pages     Download
539C, 539B Obsolete Tube Data - Supplement 1968 3200-163 Download
545 545 and I-177 Tube Tester Transformer Specs 8/7/1943 A391-2 Download
573 Arcturus Sterling Tube Tester Schematic     Download
600A Tube Tester Operations Manual     Download
600A, 605A, 533A Tube Test Data Download
600A, 605A, 533A Tube Test Data - European 1964 3200-75 Download
600A Tube Tester Schematic & Parts List 3/25/1954 830W Download
600A Tube Tester Calibration Data     Download
610A TV FM Gen Operators Manual and Schematic 2/17/1950 1-610A-550 Download
Model # * Description ** Date Document # PDF File
750 Tube Tester Manual and Schematic 1957   Download
750 Tube Tester Schematic 1957 903W Download
CA-4 for 750 CA-4 Adapter when used with 750 Roll Chart 7/1/1966 3200-109 Download
752 Calibration 1960 2490-375 Download
752 Suplementary Western Electric Tube Data   3200-87 Download
752A Tube Tester Manual   2490-582 Download
752A Tube Tester Schematic   901-280W Download
752A Tube Tester Tube Data   3200-324 Download
752A Tube Tester Obsolete Tube Data     Download
800, 800A Suplementary Data - European Tube Types 5/1/1964 3200-113 Download
810 Transistor Radio Tester Operation Manual and schematic 1958 2490-342 Download
S.G. 4700 Set Analyzer Schematic   346W Download
S.G. 4800-Z or E? Schematic for S.G. 4800-Z (Z is crossed out and E penciled in) 4/25/1937 234W Download
4950 Ohm Capacity Meter Schematic 12/1/1931   Download
6000A Tube Tester Manual with Schematic   Revision A Download
6000A Tube Tester Schematic and Parts List 9/16/1963 901-262W Download
6000, 6000A, 6000B, 6005 Tube Tester - Tube Data     Download
6000, 6000A, 6005 European Tube Data 5/1/1963 3200-63 Download
6000, 6000A, 6005 Obsolete Tube Data 1968 3200-166 Download
Diamond Point Diamond Point Tube Tester Schematic 9/9/1932   Download
Diamond Point Diamond Point Tube Tester Tube settings - 2 sided card (8.25"x10")   20019-P1, P2 Download
Diamond Point Jr. Diamond Point Jr. Tube Tester Schematic
(For units manufactured after April 3, 1932)
11/15/1932   Download
Diamond Point Jr. 34 Diamond Point Jr. '34 Tube Tester Schematic 6/22/1937 234W Download
Jobber's Jobber's Model Tube Tester Schematic 3/29/1932   Download
Model # * Description ** Date Document # PDF File
* Note that some early model numbers are a guess as Hickok produced many early items that had no model number on unit or produced many variations without changing model numbers.

** These files have been obtained from many sources and there is no guarantee that this documentation is accurate or complete.

Thank you to everyone that has supplied Hickok files and
original Hickok documents to be scanned for posting here.

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