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Cardboard Calculators
Slide Charts, and Wheel Charts

Electronic, Radio, and Technology Related Cardboard Calculators,
Slide Charts, Wheel Charts, Slide Rules, and other related items.

Before electronic calculators and desktop computers there were cardboard calculators and indicators. Some were sold or given to engineers as engineering tools and others were given away as business cards or promotions.

Below are some of the cardboard, plastic, and metal calculators in my collection relating to vintage radios and electronics. I have grouped them into the first three basic types listed below. The sizes listed are approximate.

Slide Charts
Slide Charts - This largest group is usually a multi-layer card containing a third card that slides side to side (or up and down) like a slide rule to find a value or other information by reading the value on a scale or through a window.
Wheel Charts
Wheel Charts - These calculators or "Wheel Charts" can be one or two layers of round or rectangular cardboard, plastic, or metal that contain one or more wheels which you turn to find information on a scale or in a window.
Reference Charts
Reference Charts - These are usually cardboard or plastic cards or small charts with no moving parts which may contain a diagram, resistor color code, tube pin out, or other information.
Electronic Calculators
Electronic Calculators - A few more modern electronic calculators.
Miscellaneous Items
Miscellaneous - Things I've collected that really don't fit in the categories above but I find interesting. Could be anything including slide rules and mechanical calculators.

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Links to Companies that produce
Slide Charts and Wheel Charts:

Also visit:
Slide Rule Universe
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    for more information.


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