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Electronic and Radio Related
Reference Charts

IRC Resistor Color Code IRC Resistor Color Code
This chart from International Resistance Company (better known as IRC) shows the resistance color markings for their early "Dog Bone" resistors. The card is one sided.
No date is marked on the chart but these type of resistors were used in radio construction from the 1920s through the mid 1930s.

Size: 3¼" X 6¾"
Larger Photo

Cornell-Dubilier Card This Cornell-Dubilier chart shows the six and three dot RMA Standards color code for their mica capacitors on one side and the Joint Army - Navy Standard color code on the other.

Size: 2¾" X 4¾"
Larger Photo

Sangamo capacitor chart This Sangamo capacitor chart shows the three and six dot RMA Standards and proposed color code for their mica capacitors. The card is folded with a cover and three charts.
No date.

Size: 3" X 10" unfolded

Transitron Color Band Guide Transitron Subminiature Glass Diode Color Band Guide with instructions on back.


Size: 4" X 8½"
Front and Back

Home-Radio Quick Troublefinder - Gadget Home-Radio Quick Troublefinder 1935
Home-Radio Quick Troublefinder "Gadget"
This Troublefinder is eight cards printed on both sides of torubleshooting tips organized by sympton and rivited in one corner so cartds may be rotated to show possible causes of the selected problem.
No date but chart frequently states it's a companion to "Modern radio servicing" by Alfred A. Ghirardi, published in 1935
Size: 4¾" X 7"
Larger Picture Closed
Larger Picture Open

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Wheel Charts
Reference Charts


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