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Zenith 5-S-29

Vintage Tubes, Transistors, and Components
Below are some components I find interesting from my collection.

Also see some of the items from my vintage
Antique Radio Collection, Test Equipment Collection,
and my Record Player Collection

Aeriotron WD-11
Early Westinghouse "Aeriotron" WD-11 Vacuum Tube
Introduced in 1922, This Aeriotron WD-11 Vacuum Tube manufactured by Westinghouse was one of the first tubes used in home radio receivers. In 1923 the WD-11 was supplied to RCA for use in receivers and the name was changed to Radiotron.
The WD-11 was offered for general sale over the counter in 1923.
CAUTION: The 1.5 Volt filament can be easily damaged by testing with an OHM meter.
Larger Photo
    Not For Sale

Raytheon CK722
Raytheon CK722 Package
Raytheon CK722 Transistor
Introduced in 1953, The Raytheon CK722 was the first commercial transistor available over the counter for hobbyists and experimenters. It was an instant success spurring the creation of hundreds of kits and a large number of CK722 circuits over the next several years.
The 611 date code represents week 11, 1956.

Larger CK722 Photo
CK722 Package (inside)
1956 Raytheon Ad

    Not For Sale

Transistor Applications:

Raytheon Transistor Aplications - First Issue - View

Mercury arc rectifier
Cooper Hewitt Rectifier
Mercury arc rectifiers were also known as Cooper-Hewitt rectifiers. They provided DC from an AC source as an arc between a pool of mercury and a metal anode. They only allow current to flow in one direction. This Cooper Hewitt Mercury Arc Rectifier was made by Westinghouse around 1921. It's their model number 222324. It's rated for 10 amps at 125 Volts. List price was $11.00 in 1921. This Mercury arc rectifier is 13 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide.
Larger Photo
1921 Price List

GE Miniature Lamps Catalog General Electric
Miniature Lamps Catalog
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Additional Miniature Lamp Catalogs:
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Tube Pin Straighteners, Pullers, and Tube Socket Adapters.


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