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Zenith 5-S-29

Some Of My Vacuum Tube Pin Straighteners

Tube Pin Straighteners

A     Hytron 9-pin Tube Pin Straightener with box.
B     Duro Speciality Co. D-200, 7 & 9-pin Tube Pin Straightener.
C     GC Electronics - No. 8655, 7 & 9-pin Tube Pin Straightener.
D     Star JE III - 9-pin with a JE 9 Tube Socket Straightener.
E     General Cement 7 & 9-pin Tube Pin Straightener.
F     RCA Tube Pin Straightener for Large 9-pin and
       NOVAR, 9 & 10 pin, 12 pin, 7 pin, and Nuvistor.
G     Brelsco Tube Gizmo "4 in 1" 7 & 9-pin Tube Pin Straightener,
       Tube Puller, and Tube Tapper with box.
H     General Cement   " AMO" Tube Puller Model 5093 with Tube Ejector.
I      No Brand #11 - 7-pin Socket Straightener or Holder.

Vacuum Tube Pullers:

Vacuum Tube Pullers

Test Socket Adapters:

Test Socket Adapters


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