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Steve's RCA Test Equipment

This site contains photos, manuals, and information about antique and vintage test equipment in my collection manufactured by RCA.
Please note:
Any files contained here are items I have collected from vintage sources. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of any information contained on this page. It is solely up to the end user to decide that the information and files contained here are accurate and fit for use with their equipment. I am not responsible for any loss or damages that may be incurred from the use of this information.
This is a private collection. This site is not affiliated in any way with the RCA Corporation past or present.

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Rider Chanalyst RCA Rider Chanalyst
The Rider Chanalyst is probably the best known and most unique piece of test equipment manufactured by RCA. The Chanalyst was designed by John F. Rider to allow the serviceman to listen to and measure the signal as it passes through each of the components in a receiver. The Chanalyst uses four tuning eye tubes as indicators. Early Chanalyst models were manufactured by Service Instruments Inc. RCA manufactured and distrubited the later models of the Chanalyst.
Front Panel     Eye Tubes (in operation)
Rider Chanalyst Manuals, Schematics, and Advertisements
Chanalyst Specifications
Service Instruments Sales Flyer (PDF)
Development - by John F. Rider 1938 (PDF)
Advertisment (from 1940 RCA Catalog)
RCA Chanalyst Sales Flyer (PDF)
RCA - Why Eye Tubes? (PDF)
RCA 162C Manual
View On-line
Download Manual (PDF 10+ Mb)

Service Inst. model 11 Schematic (PDF)
RCA 162-162A Schematic (PDF)
RCA 162C Schematic (PDF)
Service Inst. 11/11A Manual (PDF 11+ Mb)
Gain Data Instructions RCA 1941 #3 (PDF)
RCA Application Information #1 (PDF)

RCA 151 Oscilloscope

RCA 150 Signal Generator
RCA Bench Set
Combination of RCA radio bench test gear from 1936.

Model 151 1" "Cathode Ray Oscillograph" (oscilloscope)
Model 151 Oscilloscope Photo
Announcment (from 1937 RCA Service Notes)
Advertisment (from 1938 RCA Service Notes)
Advertisment (from May 1939 Service Digest)

Model 150 "Electronic Sweep Test Oscillator" (Signal Generator) 90 kcs-32,000 kcs.
Model 150 Signal Generator Photo
Advertisment (from 1938 RCA Service Notes)
Advertisment (from May 1939 Service Digest)

RCA 153 Test Oscillator

RCA 154 Audio Oscillator

A 1938 combination of RCA radio bench test gear.

Model 153 "A-C Operated Test Oscillator" (RF Signal Generator)
100-30,000 kc.
Model 153 Test Oscillator Photo
Advertisment (from 1938 RCA Service Notes)
Advertisment (from May 1939 Service Digest)
153 Instructions and Service Manual

Model 154 "Beat Frequency Audio Oscillator" 30-15,000 cycles.
Model 154 Audio Oscillator Photo
Advertisment (from 1938 RCA Service Notes)
Advertisment (from May 1939 Service Digest)
Service Manual PDF (from 1938 RCA Service Notes)

RCA Senior VoltOhmyst RCA WV-98C Senior VoltOhmyst 1964
This RCA Senior VoltOhmyst VTVM (Vacuum Tube Volt Meter) is one of my favorite pieces of test equipment on my workbench. The analog meter along with it's high input resistance is invaluable for aligning old radios. The probe is switchable between DC and AC-Ohms. The WV-98C has an input impedance of 11 megohms to prevent loading of circuits under measurement.
WV-98C Front Panel
WV-98C Specifications

RCA TMV-121-A Output Indicator RCA TMV-121-A Output Indicator 1934

This RCA TMV-121-A Output Indicator shows the audio output of a radio using a neon lamp. It allows a serviceman to peak (align) a radio by a visual indicator instead of by ear. This one was used by the Rochester NY Police Department in the 1930s for aligning police radios.

TMV-121-A Front Panel
TMV-121-A Instructions on bottom
TMV-121-A 1934 RCA Announcment
TMV-121-A 1934 Advertisment

RCA Catalogs, Advertising
and Promotional Items:

RCA Mechanical Pencils and Pens
RCA Mechanical Pencils and Pens
RCA Mechanical Pencils and Pens

RCA Pen Light
RCA Penlight
Interesting little RCA advertising penlight with the RCA meatball.

His Master's Voice RCA Victor Nipper Statue RCA Victor Nipper The Dog Statue
This beautiful clay statue of Nipper the Dog, (His Masters Voice) is 14.5" tall and weighs in at 9 lbs, 2 oz.
I purchased it from a retired RCA employee that got it at the employees store at the RCA plant in Mountaintop PA in the late 1960's or early 1970's.
Larger Photo

Not For Sale

RCA Victor Service Pin RCA Victor 10 Year Service Pin
This beautifully designed RCA Victor 10 Year Service pin is 10K gold and only 5/8" wide.
It has the classic RCA logo on the left and Nipper The Dog on the right over "His Masters Voice".
The back is marked 10K over "LEAVENS".
Size Comparison Photo
More Radio Service Pins
Not For Sale

RCA Test Equipment Catalog 1940 RCA Test Equipment Catalog
View On-line

This is the RCA Test Equipment catalog #105 from 1940 showing drawings and descriptions with prices of RCA's test equipment, including the Rider Chanalyst, the RCA Dynamic Demonstrator, tube testers, tubes, record changers, pick up arms, and parts.
27 pages

View Individual Pages

RCA Tube Catalog Cover 1942 RCA Tube Catalog

RCA was one of the largest vacuum tube manufacturers.
At left is the cover of one of their military receiving tube catalogs published during World War II.
Larger Cover Photo

RCA Battery Catalog RCA Battery Catalog

This RCA Dry Battery Catalog was published in 1954 and covers portable radio batteries, flashlight and lantern batteries, farm radio batteries, and more.
View Catalog on-line

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