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Readrite Triplett
Steve's Triplett & Readrite Collection
Triplett Meter Company, Bluffton Ohio

Welcome to my Triplett & Readrite collection. This site contains photos, manuals, and information about antique and vintage vacuum tube testers and test equipment in my collection manufactured by the Triplett Meter Company of Bluffton Ohio, ReadRite Meter Works, and the Pocket Meter Co.

Triplett manufactured equipment under the "Triplett" and "Readrite" brand names. It was also known as ReadRite Meter Works and the Pocket Meter Co. in it's early days.

The Triplett Meter Company was founded in 1904 in Bluffton Ohio by Ray L. Triplett
Please note:
Any files contained here are items I have collected from many vintage sources. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of any information contained on this page. It is solely up to the end user to decide that the information and files contained here are accurate and fit for use with their equipment. I am not responsible for any loss or damages that may be incurred from the use of this information.
This is a private collection. This site is not affiliated in any way with the Triplett Corporation or the Triplett Meter Company.

Adobe PDF Some files on this site are in Adobe PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view Adobe PDF files. Download it here (free).    When viewing larger photos, you can use your browsers back button to return to the previous page.

Readrite Meter Works Catalog Early Readrite Catalog
View On-line

This is an early Readrite catalog (no date) from the late 1920s showing drawings and descriptions with prices of Triplett's early "ReadRite Meter Works" brand tube testers, pocket meters and panel meters.

View Individual Pages

Triplett Test Equipment Catalog Triplett Test Equipment Catalog
View On-line

Triplett Test Equipment Catalog - No Date
Catalog number 5146-T
Includes the 2413, 2425, and 3212 Tube Testers, VOMs, VTVMs, etc.

Readrite New Standard Battery Meter Readrite "New Standard" Battery Amp Meter
Used to check 1920's radio batteries.
0-50 amps
This type of "pocket meter" became so popular for testing radio batteries in the home that at one point in the mid 1920's Triplett was producing over 1,200 battery meters per day.

Pocket Meter Co. Brochure Pocket Meter Co. Brochure
This brochure lists some of the Readrite pocket meters and pricing from the early 1920s.
Brochure (PDF file)

Readrite 215 Readrite Model 215 Tube Tester
Here is an early Model 215 Readrite tube tester made by Triplett that tests early 4 and 5 pin tubes from the 1920s. It still has the original tube settings and instructions as well as the box.

Pictures (use your back button to return to this page):
Picture     Box Label     Tester With Box
Instructions/Tube Data     Catalog Listing

Readrite 245 Readrite Model 245 Tube Tester
Here is another early Readrite tube tester made by Triplett. Tests early 4 and 5 pin tubes from the 1920s. It has a metal cover that holds the test cables, adapters and the original tube settings and instructions. The cover is secured by a strap
Pictures (use your back button to return to this page):
Picture     Tester With Cover     Catalog Listing
Manual and Tube Data

Readrite 422 Tube Tester Readrite Model 422 Tube Tester
There's a good reason that this Readrite tester looks similar to some of the Triplett testers below. Triplett manufactured many of it's early testers under the "ReadRite" name. Many even used meters with Triplett markings.

      Need the Instructions and Data Sheet?

Readrite 554A Signal Generator Readrite Model 554A Signal Generator
This 1936 Readrite signal generator is battery powered and has 5 plug-in precision coils to select frequency bands. Coils plug into socket under chrome cap.

Triplett 660 Triplett Model 660 Appliance Tester
Triplett Appliance Tester - Interesting Triplett molded plug I haven't seen on anything else.
Larger Picture
660 Tester and Case

Readrite 712A Set Tester Readrite Model 712A Set Tester
This Readrite 712A portable set tester was manufactured in the mid 1930s (around 1934-1935). It was also sold branded for different training schools.
To operate it you removed a tube from the radio, plugged the set tester cable into the radio's tube socket, and plugged the tube into the proper socket on the set tester. You could then repeat the process and take measurements at each tube socket in turn.
Larger Photo

1936 Triplett Catalog Triplett #41 Price Sheet
This is the 1936 six page price sheet showing drawings and giving descriptions of many of Triplett's tube testers, multi-meters and panel meters. It also lists the popular 1200 series test equipment shown below.
Price Sheet (Adobe PDF file)

1202 Master Unit Test Set Triplett 1202 Master Unit Test Set
This Case was available in a 1, 2, 3, and 4 unit version. The buyer could mix any of Triplett's 1200 series testers and have room for test leads and parts. This two unit version contains the Triplett 1210-A tube tester and the 1231 signal generator.
Catalog Listing
1205 Test Set Ad

Triplett 1210-A tube tester Triplett model 1210-A Tube Tester
This tester is the metal case version of the Triplett 1310 below.
Catalog Listing

      Need the Data Sheet?

Triplett 1231 Signal Generator Triplett model 1231 Signal Generator
Covers 120 Kilocycles to 30 Megacycles in 6 bands. This generator was battery powered.
Catalog Listing

Triplett 1220-A Triplett model 1220-A Free-Point Tester
Used to allow in circuit point testing of tubes using a Volt-Ohm-Millammeter. Provides sockets and jacks for parallel meter connections.
Catalog Listing
What is Free-Point Testing?

Triplett 1212 Triplett model 1212 Tube Tester
The 1212 was produced later than the 1210 and 1210-A but still maintained the same deminsons as Triplett's earlier 1200 series testers.

1310 Triplett tube tester Triplett Model 1310 Tube Tester
Here is a model 1310 Triplett tube tester that tests early 4 and 5 pin tubes from the 20s and 30s. It is a Triplett 1210 tester in the Triplett 1211-A case which was also available separately. This is a working Tester which uses an 01A tube. The tube settings are listed on the metal plates on each side of the case (Pic 4).

Pictures (use your back button to return to this page):
Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
Catalog Listing

Triplett 2413 Tube Tester Triplett 2413 Tube Tester
This is an easy to set up and use emission type tube tester that I still use on my workbench today.

      Need the Data Sheet?

Triplett 3432A Triplett 3432A RF/Audio Signal Generator
Used this one for several years on my workbench before upgrading to a newer B&K.

Triplett Downloads

Triplett 1200-A Operating Instructions and Schematic (PDF)
Triplett 1502, 1503 Tube Testing Instructions (PDF)
Triplett 1503 General Operating Instructions (PDF)
Triplett 1502, 1503 Tube Chart (PDF)
Triplett 3444 Tube Tester Manual (PDF)
Triplett 3444 Suplement for Roll Chart 84-95-061463-7 (PDF)
Triplett 3444-A Type 1 Tube Tester Manual (PDF)


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