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A place for vintage and antique mechanical and electrical technology
related items that don't really fit anywhere else on the site.

Patent Dates

Homart Flashlight Homart Flashlight
In my travels I have found a couple of interesting flashlights. Here's a Homart brass "Bullet" flashlight that takes 3 D cells. I love the rocket ship styling. It was manufactured in 1950.

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Stewart R. Brown Flashlight Stewart R. Brown Flashlight
This bakelite flashlight takes C cells. It was manufactured around 1939 by the Stewart R. Brown Mfg. Co., New York City. It has S.S. & D.D. Co. stamped on the end

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End Stamp

3-In-One Oil Sample Bottle 3-In-One Oil Sample Bottle

3-In-One Oil became a household word in the early 1900s and was sold in green cork top bottles between 1905 and 1910. In 1910 the bottles were changed to screw caps. This sample bottle still contains its original 3-In-One oil.

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Hutchinson Bottles Hutchinson Bottles
In the 1800s bottles appeared using Hutchinson's Patented Spring Stoppers. They became known as "Hutchinson" or "Hutch" bottles. These were widely used for carbonated beverages. When you wanted the bottle opened you would press down on the wire sticking out of the top and the stopper would break the seal with a "Pop". Hence the name "Soda Pop". Pictured are three local Hutchinson bottles I've found with their original stoppers from Weedsport, Auburn, and Port Byron N.Y..

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Edison Oil Bottles Edison Oil Bottles (early 1900s)
These small bottles originally contained Edison battery oil. Thomas A. Edison's signature is embossed on the side of the bottles.
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Remington Noiseless Model 10 Typewriter Remington Noiseless
Model 10 Typewriter

This Remington Noiseless Model 10 was the workhorse of the Remington typewriter line and was produced for over two decades. Mine shown here was manufactured in 1935.
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Pocket Protectors Pocket Protectors
Now a symbol of "nerds" or "geeks", the Pocket Protector has proudly become a fashion stereotype.

Pocket Protectors

E. C. Stearns, Syracuse NY
E. C. Stearns, Syracuse NY
E. C. Stearns, Syracuse New York Toolmaker and Bicycle manufacturer

E. C. Stearns
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