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Zenith 5-S-29

Pocket Protectors
Proudly Embrace Your Inner Nerd!

HP Hewlett Packard Pocket Protector
Pocket Protector

Now a symbol of "nerds" or "geeks",
the Pocket Protector has proudly become
a fashion stereotype.

The earliest holder is credited to Allison M. Roscoe, of DuBois, Pennsylvania, in 1887 for a "pencil-pocket" to hold pencils and other objects securely in place. There were also later patents by others issued for holders with spring clips to help keep items in place.

Hurley Smith is credited for the Pocket Protector we know today. His 1947 version patented in Buffalo, New York was designed to protect articles or the fingers of the user in placing such articles in and removing them from being "marked, disfigured or soiled by pencils or other more or less analogous articles". It was also designed to protect the material of the shirt directly above the pocket.

Larger Photo
Smith's 1947 Patent (PDF)

Do you know what all seven items are in this Pocket Protector?
If you do without looking, you're King or Queen of the Nerds...

1947 Pocket Protector

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