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RCA Mechanical Pencils and Pens
"RCA Service Engineer's Pencils" were given out as an incentives to dealers and later RCA Pen Sets were made available to customers.

RCA Mechanical Pencil
RCA Pencil Magnifier

RCA Pencil Ad
1934 Ad
Early RCA Mechanical Pencil
with built in Dog Bone Resistor Color Code Chart and Magnifier

These "RCA Service Engineer's Pencils" were given out as an incentives to dealers for selling a number of RCA "World-Wide Antenna Systems" or vacuum tubes. This one has a built in Dog Bone Resistor Color Code Chart and a magnifier on the end for reading small component numbers and values on a schematic.
The first band on the chart is for the resistor band color, the second is for the end color value, and the third band is for the dot value (number of zeros).
Several versions of the RCA pencil with different features were given out as sales incentives.
Larger Photo
1934 RCA Pencil Ad
1937 RCA Pencil Ad
Pen Introduced 1940
Dog Bone Resistor
1937 RCA Pencil
Pearl RCA Pencil

RCA Battery Compatibility Chart Mechanical Pencil
RCA Mechanical Pencil
with Battery Compatibility Chart

The 1952 RCA mechanical pencil above contains a Compatibility Chart to find the proper RCA battery for a portable radio by rotating the sleeve to the Philco, Burgess, or Eveready battery number on the left and reading the corresponding RCA battery number in the window on the right.

At the right is a chart of the battery numbers.
An RCA Battery Catalog may be viewed here:
1954 RCA Battery Catalog
RCA Portable Battery Chart

RCA Mechanical Pencil with minature floating RCA tube
RCA Mechanical Pencil with minature floating tube

My second favorite after the one above with the magnifying glass. Top of Pencil has small model of a RCA vacuum tube marked "RCA ELECTRON TUBE" floating in lquid and marked "THE 10,000 HOUR PLUS LINE" Body has stamped RCA meatball logo and reads:

Floating RCA Tube

RCA Promotional Pen Set
RCA Promotional Pen Set
This is a RCA Promotional Pen Set given to RCA customers. Set contains one Wearever fountain pen and two ball point pens with refills. There are no RCA logos or markings on pens themselves, only on the package.

I've seen these sets in red, blue, and green.

Larger Photo


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