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Zenith 5-S-29

Vintage Electronic Calculators

Remington Nixie Tube Calculator
Remington Nixie Tube Calculator
I love nixie tubes. This is a twelve digit desk calculator with a nixie tube display manufactured by Remington Rand. Model number EDC1201GT. Most likely made in the early 1960s.
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Nixie Tube Display

TI Hand Held Calculators
Electronic Calculators
Texas Instruments (TI) developed the first hand held electronic calculator in 1967. A few short years later the slide rule was all but dead. The TI-1200 (far left) was one of TI's most common calculators. It was released in 1975. The TI-86 Graphing Calculator (right) is the current calculator on my workbench. A bit overkill for what I need now but it was a nice find at a swap meet for $10. It's got more memory (96Kb) than my first home computer. Then again so does my phone, my camera, my watch...
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Credit Card Calculators
Credit Card Calculators

As calculators got smaller, flat, credit card sized calculators appeared. Thin enough to fit in a wallet, they were solar powered and could operate even in dim light.

Shown at left:
The the Texas Instruments TI-1786 "TI CARD"
and the CASIO SL-760 "Film Card".
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Canon F-55S
Canon F-55S scientific calculator

This Canon F-55S is the smallest scientific calculator I've seen. Note the 4X4 matrix to select the functions.

Hioki 3208 Calculator and DMM Hioki 3208 Calcu Hi Tester

This is a unique combination of a calculator and Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) in one hand held unit. Not just both in the same package, the reading from the DMM will transfer to the calculator by pressing the shift key which allows formulas to be calculated using the readings directly from the DMM readings.
The DMM section has ranges for AC/DC Volts, Ohms, and two milli-amp ranges. The DMM can be set to auto range and also has a zero adjust.
It's been labeled by some as "The Best Multi-meter Ever!" (referring to the combination of a calculator and handheld DMM in one package).
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Calculator Mode
w/Case, Probes and Manual
DMM/Calculator Display
Advertisment (PDF file)

floppy disk calculator Novelty Computer Disk Calculator

Novelty solar powered calculator in the exact shape and size of a 3¼ inch disk.

HP 16C Computer Scientist HP 16C "Computer Scientist"

The HP 16C Computer Scientist was designed for computer programmers. It performs calculations and conversions in decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary. It has enough memory for storing over 200 lines of programing.
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Introduction from manual

Spell Check/Translators
Pocket Spell Checkers and Translators

Not limited to math calculations, pocket computers were designed for different functions such as spell checking and translation for hundreds of different languages. Today any tablet or smart phone will perform these functions.

Shown at left:
Radio Shack's Micronta 63-676 Spell Checker
and the Seiko SII Multilngual Translator.
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