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Zenith 5-S-29
Oscilloscope Schematics*
Adobe PDF Files Antique Oscillograph and Vintage Oscilloscope Schematics
1930s to 1950s - Free Downloads
High Resolution - Printable - PDF Format

Aeroquip 10,000
Beta 701
Browning OL-15B
Cenco 71552
Cossor 1035
Devry 1-15
Dumont 164-E
DuMont 168
Du Mont 175-A
Dumont 208, 208-B
Du Mont 224-A
DuMont 241
Du Mont 247
Du Mont 250, 250-A, 250-AH, 250-H
DuMont 256-D
DuMont 274
Du Mont 274-A
Dumont 275-A
Du Mont 279
DuMont 281-A
Du Mont 292
Du Mont 304, 304-H
Eico 400
EICO 425
Electronic Tube Corp. H-21
Feiler TS-4A
General Electric CRO-3A
General Electric CRO-5A
General Electric ST-2A
General Electric YNA-4
Heath O-4
Hickok RFO-5
Hickok 195
Hickok 195-B
Hickok 305
Hickok 505A
More Hickok Schematics
Jackson CRO-1
Millen 90902, 90903
Millen 90905, (K)90921
Millen P4, P4-2
National CRU
Panoramic PCA-2 Type T-200
Philco 7008
Precision ES-500
Radio City Products TV-90
RCA 151, 151-A, 151-2
RCA 155
RCA 155-A
RCA 155-C
RCA 158
RCA 160-B
RCA 304-A
RCA 327-A
RCA 715-B
Simpson 480
Supreme 535
Supreme 546-A, 650, 655
Supreme 560-A
Supreme 660
More Supreme Schematics
Sylvania 131
Sylvania 132
TEC T-602
Textronix 511-A, 511AD
Triumph 840
Triumph 841
Triumph 850
Waterman S-10-A
Waterman S-10-B
Waterman S-11-A
Waterman S-12-A

Supreme 535
Supreme 535

Hickok 305
Hickok 305

RCA 151
RCA 151

* Disclaimer - We make no warranty of any kind with regard to the content or accuracy of these vintage schematics, manuals, publications or information. The content is subject to change without notice and we will not be responsible for any mistakes found in the manuals, publications, index, listings, or files offered on this web site.
More Schematics, Photofacts, and Factory Service Manuals

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These files may not be sold in any form.


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