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Desoldering Irons and Tools

Unger 270 De-Soldering Kit Unger 270 DS40 De-Soldering Kit- 1958
This Unger De-Soldering Kit was used for removing components from circuit boards. The cone shaped tips are placed over the tabs of tube sockets to melt all the solder connections at once.
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Card with description and instructions

Endco Model 100A Desoldering Iron Endco Model 100A Desoldering Iron
The Endco Model 100A Desoldering Iron utilizes a rubber ball along with a heating element. The storage chamber is held forward by a spring. To empty it you just pull back on the chamber and shake the solder blobs out. The iron is 75 watts. The body is 10.5" long. Manufactured by Enterprise Development Corp., Indianapolis, IN.
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Weller DS40 Desoldering Iron Weller DS40 Desoldering Iron
This Weller Desoldering Iron utilizes a rubber ball with a heating element. I never had much luck with this type of Desoldering Iron. I always found it plugs easily.
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D1-3 Vacuum Pump Desoldering Iron Xytronic D1-3 Vacuum Pump Desoldering Iron
This Desoldering Iron utilizes a spring loaded Vacuum Pump and is designed for removing components from PC boards. It combines a solder sucker and heating element in the same tool.
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Desoldering Pumps
Desoldering Pumps
Solder Suckers
These solder suckers have an official name - "Deslodering Pumps" but no one really calls them that. They are probably the most widely used as they are usually the least expensive of all desoldering tools (besides solder wick).
Used with a soldering iron to apply the heat, you push down the plunger and when released, the spring loaded chamber expands quickly sucking the melted solder up inside the chamber. Tips are usually replaceable as they can quickly be destroyed.

A - Wahl Isotip Vacuum Pump - I've had this small pump for years and it still works pretty good.

B & C - The Soldapullt - Patented in 1962 and manufactured by Edsyn, the Soldapullt has been around for many years. B is one of the newer versions and the one I would recommend if you want a hand held spring action vacuum pump. You push the plunger to set the spring inside the chamber. The plunger stays extended so you don't hurt yourself (or anyone else). C is the older version of the Soldapullt that still uses a spring loaded plunger.

D & E - Common vacuum pumps that have outlived their usefulness and no longer work. Don't waste your money on the cheap ones as they break easily and don't last very long.
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DeSod DeSod Soldering Gun Tip
This "DeSod" circuit board Desoldering tip made by Eversole Industries, Freemont Ohio, was sold to attach to larger Weller soldering guns like the D-550 and the 8250A with end nut tip mounting. The plate has several holes to go around the component legs on the underside of a circuit board to melt the solder.
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