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All things Weller in my collection by the
Weller Manufacturing Company, Easton, PA

Many items below appear in other categories.

Weller Speedy Irons The New Weller Speedy Iron - 1946
This is one of Carl E. Weller's first soldering guns manufactured in Easton PA.

Weller began manufacturing soldering guns in his basement in 1945. Incorporating a step-down transformer and a copper tip gave his new soldering gun the ability to deliver heat quickly and made it instantly popular. Weller received the patent for his new soldering gun in 1946.

I have obtained a photo of the wooden gun the Smithsonian has on display. It is cataloged as a prototype of Weller's first commercial gun, the Speedy Iron Model B.
Pictured at left is the earlist Weller Speedy Iron I have. It still works.

More information, prototype, other versions, patents, advertisments, and photos:
The Weller Speedy Iron Soldering Gun
May 1963 Article In May of 1963 Popular Science magazine published an article on Carl Weller's invention, the instant heat soldering gun. You may read the entire article here covering the history and the theory behind the gun, and view photos and schematics of it's inner workings.

1963 Popular Science Article

Handmade Wooden Soldering Gun Larger Photo Right Larger Photo Inside Larger Photo Front Larger Photo Left
Handmade Soldering Gun
Weller's First?

This soldering gun was obviously hand made. It utilizes a step-down transformer. It was found at an estate sale in Pennsylvania. Carl Weller made 275 wooden prototypes in his Easton PA basement and sold them to radio shops before he opened up his manufacturing plant. I have no further details on this gun. Could this be one of Weller's early prototypes? Someone put a lot of work into building this soldering gun. If anyone has a similar handmade soldering gun or remembers Wellers first wooden guns please contact me.

Larger Photo Right     Larger Photo Left
Larger Photo Front     Larger Photo Inside

1948 Weller D-207 Soldering Gun Weller D-207 Soldering Gun - 1947
This is another one of Weller's early style of soldering guns. Notice the tip plugs are horizontal, not vertically positioned like today's guns. The D-207 also has a lamp to light the work area. The D-207 is a dual heat 100/135 watt gun. The S-107 was a single heat 100 watt gun. After installing a newer tip (D-207 type B) this gun still works perfectly after 60+ years.
Larger Photo
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1948 Weller S-107 Soldering Gun Weller S-107 Soldering Gun - 1947
Another of Weller's early style of soldering guns. This S-107 is the 100 watt single heat version of the D-207. It has the original style tip.
Larger Photo
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Weller WD-135 Soldering Gun Weller WD-135 Soldering Gun
This 1950s Weller WD-135 Soldering Gun is one of my favorites. I love the style. It has dual heat, and two #222 lamps. It is similar to the Weller Jr. below but with a longer 6" reach. This one has a brown bakelite case with a dark red trigger.
Larger Photo

Weller Jr. Soldering Set 8100K Weller Jr. Soldering Set #8100K
This soldering gun set manufactured by Weller contains the Weller Jr. 100 watt #8100 soldering gun, a roll of Kester rosen-core solder, instructions and tools.
Larger Photo
Soldering Made Easy Booklet (PDF file)
1954 Ad1954 Ad

Weller D-440 Soldering Gun Weller D-440 Soldering Gun

The model D-440 gun by Weller is a dual heat 100/150 watt gun. It has two lamps to light the work area. This D-440 also has a long reach of 5¼" from the body to the end of the tip.
There is also a 145/210 watt version.
Larger Photo

Weller D-550 Soldering Gun Weller D-550 Soldering Gun

The D-550 gun by Weller is a dual heat 200/275 watt gun and one of their largest.
This is an early D-550 model with a brown case. The second photo below shows the inside with the step-down transformer. After replacing the tip the gun works like new.
Larger Photo
Inside Photo

Weller 8200 N Soldering Gun Weller 8200 N Soldering Gun

This soldering gun by Weller is probably the most popular and widely used soldering gun of all time. Sold for both industrial and home use, variations of this model have been on the market for many years.
The 8200 N is a dual heat 100/140 watt gun.
Larger Photo

Weller 8250A Soldering Gun Kit Weller 8250A Soldering Gun Kit

This Weller 8250A kit by Weller contained the 8250A, 250 watt soldering gun, three different tips, a wrench to change tips, a roll of Kester multi-core solder, instructions, and an easy guide to soldering. This kit came in a nice metal case.
Larger Photo

Weller Nuts Vs Screws
Older vs. Newer
Older Weller guns used nuts to fasten the tip. Newer Weller guns use set screws to hold the tip. When considering a purchase of a used Weller gun, my personal preference is the older style gun with the nuts. I (and many others) have found the set screws are easier to strip and don't make contact with the tip as well as the older style nuts. Unfortunately Weller guns are probably cheaper to manufacturer now with the set screws but with regular use an older used Weller gun with nuts will probably out last the newer Weller guns with set screws.

Weller Magnastat Soldering Iron
Magnastat 1961 Ad      Magnastat Patent
Weller Magnastat TC552 Soldering Iron

In 1958 Carl Weller applied for a patent on his idea to control iron tip temperature through the use of a temperature sensitive magnetic tip. Up to that point Soldering Iron manufacturers utilized large massive bodies to dissipate heat in an attempt to control tip temperature. This method was inefficient at best.
Weller was granted patent # 2,951,927 for magnetic temperature control in September of 1960. This model TC552 Magnastat soldering iron is 55 watts. It was sold cordless and you purchased a standard two prong or a grounded three prong AC cord separately. This box includes a 5DN1 600 degree tip and a 5CN1 700 degree tip.
Larger Photo w/ Box
Larger Photo w/ Tips
Magnastat 1961 Ad
Patent # 2,951,927 (PDF file)

Weller TC 40 Soldering Iron Weller TC 40 Soldering Iron

This Weller iron is 40 watts and has a magnetic temperature tip. The iron is only 8.5" long but the 3 prong cord is 5' 8" long.
Larger Photo

Weller W-TCP Soldering Station Weller W-TCP Soldering Station

This black Weller model W-TCP was Weller's first soldering Station (around 1967). It's 60 watts and used a 24 volt Weller TCP 1 Magnastat iron which was connected to terminals on the top right side of the power supply. Weller's next version of the W-TCP was green and the iron was connected internally through a hole in the base on the left side. A power switch and light were added to a later version WTCP-L (below).
This one is still working after 46 years.
Larger Photo
Name Plate
Magnastat Patent
Service Bulletin

Weller WTCP-L Soldering Station Weller WTCP-L Soldering Station

This is a later version of the Weller model W-TCP above. It's 60 watts and used a 24 volt Weller TCP 1 Magnastat iron The WTCP-L has a power switch and light. The AC cord is hard wired into the base.
Larger Photo
Service Bulletin

Weller WTCPN Soldering Station Weller WTCPN Soldering Station

The Weller WTCPN series stations followed the W-TCP series soldering stations. I have used this Weller soldering station on my bench for 30+ years. It's been through hell and back and works as good as the day I bought it used. I've replaced the cord connector, a few tips, and sponges over the years but this Weller station still gets daily use and does not let me down. I have newer adjustable soldering stations but this my all time favorite soldering tool.
WTCPN Parts and Tips List
WTCPN Tech Sheet (Service, Parts)
The WTCPN uses the Weller PT series Magnastat type tips. I normally use a 700 degree 1/8 inch chisel tip for most Lead/Tin alloy soldering jobs.
Each tip is stamped:
6 = 600 Degrees F
7 = 700 Degrees F
8 = 800 Degrees F
Weller Magnastat Tips

Weller EC2000 Soldering Station Weller EC2000 Soldering Station

The Weller Temperature Controlled EC2000 Soldering Station adjusts tip temperature from 350 to 850 degrees with digital display and switch to lock temperature.
Larger Photo
Catalog Listing
EC2000 Tech Sheet (Service, Parts)

Weller WTCPK Military Soldering Set Weller WTCPK Military Soldering Kit
This compact soldering station set manufactured by Weller is enclosed in a steel case. This kit runs on 120 Volts AC but 12 Volt DC kits were also produced. The kit contains a TCP-24G, 24 volt, 42 watt soldering iron, eight soldering tips, holder, several attachments, and a desoldering tool with seven tips. The iron plugs into the power supply using a 4-pin Jones plug. The holder is fastened to the top of the power supply by a wing nut when in use.
Case: 13" x 4 ½" x 2 ½"
Larger Photo
Cover Parts List
AC Power Supply
In Operation

Weller Kormat Weller Kormat Wire Solder Dispenser

This Weller Kormat hand held solder dispenser holds solder from 22 gauge up to 15 gauge. Wire is stored on a small spool inside and advances when actuator is pushed forward.
Larger Photo
Instructions (PDF File)

Weller Clock - PAM Clock Company Weller Clock

This illuminated Weller Tools advertising wall clock was manufactured by the PAM Clock Company
Nice Weller logo with a picture of a Weller 8200 series soldering gun.
Larger Photo

Weller Guide to Easier soldering
Vintage Weller Soldering Guides

1950s 20 page guide to easier soldering published by Weller.
Download (Adobe PDF File)

1960s 8 page guide to easy soldering published by Weller. Included in many of their vintage soldering gun kits.
Download (Adobe PDF File)
Weller Guide To Easy Soldering

Weller Soldering Catalog S711 Weller Catalog S711 View On-line
This Weller number S711 condensed catalog is six pages. It includes listings of Wellers early soldering stations and popular soldering guns and soldering irons including part numbers for tips.

Download PDF (PDF File)

Weller Catalog 600 Weller Catalog 600 View On-line
The Weller number 600 catalog was published around 1977 and contains 16 pages. It includes listings of Wellers most popular soldering irons, soldering stations, and soldering guns including part numbers for tips, replacement parts, and accessories.
Some of the models include:
8200, D550, GT7A, WTCP-2,DS100, SP24, SP40, WP25, WP40, WTCPN, and more.

Download PDF

Weller Catalog 603 Weller Catalog 603 View On-line
The Weller number 603 catalog was published around 1981 and contains 23 pages. It includes listings of Wellers most popular soldering irons, soldering stations, and soldering guns including part numbers for tips, replacement parts, and accessories.
Some of the models include:
EC1000, EC2000, WTCPN, DS100, DS500, W60, W100, DS60, WP25, WP40, 8200, D550, and more.

Download PDF

Weller Mickey Mantle Ad Weller Power Tools

In the 1950s Weller expanded production to include a power sander and sabre saw. At left is an advertisment from 1958 with Mickey Mantle endorsing a Weller model 8100 soldering gun, the Model 800 power sander, and model 700 sabre saw.
1958 Mickey Mantle Ad
Sept. 1959 Popular Science Ad
Model 700 & Model 800 Photo

Weller models 700 and 800


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