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Self-Feeding Soldering Irons, Soldering Guns,
and Attachments

Self-Feeding attachments and irons were designed to feed solder to the
tip using the same hand holding the iron or gun, freeing the other hand.

Freehand Solder Feeder Freehand Solder Feeder
This "Freehand Solder Feeder" attaches to a Weller 8200 series soldering gun. It was manufactured by Schurman Products Inc. The solder is fed from a spool on the back and is advanced by pulling the lever on the left side down with your thumb. A cable from the lever advances the solder by turning a toothed wheel inside the housing.

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Installed On Weller 8200

Skil 340 Self-Feeding Soldering Gun Skil 340 Self-Feeding Soldering Gun
This rather unique Skil soldering iron sold in the late 1960s is shaped like a gun but the trigger actually feeds solder to the tip. The iron takes a few minutes to heat up and is on as long as it's plugged in. Solder is dispensed from a roll on the back of the gun through a tube. Pulling the trigger pushes the solder to the tip. The knurled knob on the side adjusts the amount of solder fed when the trigger is pulled.
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Blixt One-Hand Operated Soldering Gun Blixt One-Hand Operated Soldering Gun
The Blixt automatic feeding soldering gun was manufactured in Sweden by AB Interma and sold in the U. S. by Porta Power around 1964. Suggested price was $16.95. The solder was stored in a spool in the handle and the trigger fed the solder to the tip. Tips could be easily changed by pushing the spring loaded button at the top.
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Open For Loading
1964 Ad

Hot Rod Self-Feeding Soldering Gun Hot Rod, One-Handed Self-Feeding Soldering Iron

This 60 watt Hot Rod soldering Iron was patneted around 1974. The solder was stored in in the handle and a thumb wheel on the top fed the solder to the tip.
This auto-feeder was sold under other brand names also including "Work Shops".
Iron-Left Side
Iron-Right Side
Solder Spool
Patent Photos
Work Shops Kit

Hot Shot One-Handed Self-Feeding Soldering Gun Hot Shot Instructions Instructions
Hot Shot One-Handed Self-Feeding Soldering Gun

The Hot Shot One-Handed soldering gun was manufactured by The Soldermatic Corp., Chicago, Illinois around 1982. The solder was stored in a cartridge in the handle and the trigger fed the solder to the tip.
The box claims it's the world's only one-handed, self-feeding, electric soldering gun. Guess we know that's not true.


Self-Feeding Soldering Iron Unknown Self-Feeding Soldering Iron
This Self-Feeding Soldering Iron's label is missing so I don't know who manufactured it. Pulling the trigger pushes the solder to the tip. The label on the other side of the Bakelite handle says it's type 51A and is 60 watts.
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Solder-Matic Solder-Matic
The "Solder-Matic" automatic solder feeding attachment is for standard electric soldering irons. It was manufactured by the Universal Flashlight Co., Washington D.C. This unique device was designed to clamp on a soldering iron and feed solder through the chrome guide by pressing the lever on the right side. I tried it and it does work.
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Installed On Iron

Eject-O-Matic Soldering Tool "Eject-O-Matic" (1947)
The "Eject-O-Matic" Automatic Feed soldering tool.
This iron used a small roll of solder in the handle or it could be fed from a larger external roll on the bench. The thumbwheel controls the tension on the solder and the trigger advances it. The tip has a channel on the top to help the solder to flow to the tip.
This is the only soldering iron I've seen that the cord attaches to the side instead of the end of the handle.
Manufactured by Multi-Products Tool Company, Newark New Jersey.
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Feed Spool
Left Side
Ad from Electronics, January 1947

It's A Wonder Soldering Iron "It's A Wonder" - Advertisement
Here is an ad from Popular Science's January 1927 issue offering the early "It's A Wonder" press-to-feed electric soldering iron manufactured by the Illinois Stamping & Mfg. Co. of Chicago. Notice the horn radio speaker in the lower drawing.

You too can make big profits selling the "It's A Wonder" press-to-feed electric soldering iron.

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Weller Kormat Weller Kormat Wire Solder Dispenser

This Weller Kormat hand held solder dispenser holds solder from 22 gauge up to 15 gauge. Wire is stored on a small spool inside and advances when actuator is pushed forward.
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Instructions (PDF File)


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