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Soldering Tools

Various soldering tools and fixtures used in production environments including soldering iron stands, circuit board holders, hand tools, fume extractors, and solder holders.

Hytron Soldering Tools Hytron Soldering Tool Display Box
Display box of Hytron Soldering Tools. 49 cents each. Display box held 10 tools when full. These tools come in handy especially on printed circuit board work. I use the pointed end to remove excess solder and flux, and to pry components off the board. The slotted end is handy for bending the metal tabs on components and sockets.

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Plato Tip Wiper and Holder Plato Tip Wiper and Soldering Iron Stand
These model TWH 444 Plato soldering stands had a tip wiping sponge in a porcelain holder combined with a stand to hold up to three Weller type soldering irons.
Manufactured by Plato Products, Glendora California.

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Plato Holding Weller Soldering Iron

goot ST-10 Board Holder goot ST-10 circuit board holder
This vintage goot model ST-10 circuit board holder was manufactured in Japan by the Tayio Electric Ind. Co.. It grips one edge and swivels and rotates the board. It's cast iron base is heavy enough to keep it in place on the bench for most boards. It has a holder on the left for a roll of solder and a holder for a soldering iron on the right.
Unfortunately mine is missing the knurled knob with a small shaft that holds the clamps together on the board (see photo). If anyone has the parts for this please let me know.

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w/Board and Solder
Missing Part
Box cover photo

Technical Devices Co. Board Holder Technical Devices Co. circuit board holder
This vintage circuit board holder was manufactured by the Technical Devices Co., Los Angeles. It has a quick release lever with a tension adjuster. The tension is set by a small knob on the left side of the horizontal bar. It has a heavy cast iron base and will hold a board up to 7 inches wide. It has a holder on the main uptight but I'm not sure what it was used for. The end of it looks too small to hold a soldering iron securely.

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Production Tool and Fixture circuit board holder Production Tool and Fixture circuit board holder
This circuit board holder was manufactured by the Production Tool and Fixture Co. of Oyster Bay New York. It grips both edges which allows the board to easily rotate. The right grip is spring loaded to easily switch boards in a production line. It utilizes a C-clamp to attach it to a work bench.
This is one of my favorite board holders. I use this holder for small boards. I have replaced the original wooden slotted holding blocks on each side with new harder oak blocks.

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OK Industries PCBH-50 circuit board holder OK Industries PCBH-50 Circuit Board Holder
This printed circuit board holder was distributed by OK Industries, New York. It is the largest of my printed circuit board holders and will accommodate a board up to 13 inches wide. The holder will also allow the board to be rotated 360 degrees. It originally came with the soldering iron stand and is missing the sponge holder.

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PanaVise circuit board holder PanaVise 324 circuit board holder
This model PanaVise is on of my favorite board holders. It's easy to adjust and the base holds it firmly as it sits on the bench. This Panavise has a quick release jaw which makes flipping the board very easy.
It comes with a bolt on solder spool holder and a holder for a soldering iron but I don't use those.
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PanaVise circuit board holder PanaVise circuit board holder
This model PanaVise is probably my least favorite circuit board holder. The screw adjustment jaws take forever to readjust and the suction bottom needs a perfectly flat surface to stick properly. Its redeeming quality is it has nice padded jaws and can be used to hold larger items for soldering.

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Edsyn FXF11 Fume Extractor Edsyn FXF11 Fume Extractor
If your soldering for any length of time it's recommended you keep the fumes away from your face. This Edsyn Fume Extractor does just that. Place it a few inches away from your work and use it to draw the fumes away from the board and your face. The adjustable angle on the stand comes in handy.

If money is tight and your not in a production enviornment, find an old PC power supply and use the case and fan from that (shown below). I took a pair of old test leads and used the banana jacks and wire to plug the 12 VDC PC fan into a bench supply which allows me to control the fan speed and airflow. Just watch your fingers if there's no guard on the back.
A dryer hose and vent can fashioned to exhaust it outdoors or to somewhere else away from your bench and work area.

Old PC Power Supply Fan and case
Using an old PC fan to disburse fumes.


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