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The Weller Speedy Iron Model B Soldering Gun
- The First "Instant Heat" Soldering Gun -
Weller Manufacturing Company, Easton, PA

The New Weller "Speedy Iron" - 1946
1946 Weller Speedy Gun
This is one of Carl E. Weller's first soldering guns manufactured commercially by Weller Manufacturing in Easton PA.

Carl Weller applied for his first patent in July of 1941. Weller began manufacturing his soldering guns by hand in his basement. Reportedly he made 275 guns before forming the Weller Manufacturing Company after World War II and producing his Speedy Iron Model B.

Incorporating a step-down transformer and a copper tip gave his new soldering gun the ability to deliver heat quickly and made it instantly popular. Weller received the patent for his new soldering gun in 1946.
Pictured at left is the earliest of the three versions of the Speedy Iron in my collection. They all still work.

Three versions of Weller's "Speedy Iron"
Early Weller Speedy Iron Weller Speedy Iron with patent dates Weller Speedy Iron with Lamp
Three versions of Weller's Speedy Iron:
#1 - The original Speedy Iron with no patent dates on the grip.
#2 - Speedy Iron with patent dates on the grip.
#2 - Speedy Iron Inside.
#3 - Speedy Iron with patent dates on the grip and incorporating a 2.5 volt lamp for illuminating the work.

April 1946 Ad May 1946 Ad First Patent - 1946
Weller B Prototype
At left is a photo of Weller's wooden prototype soldering gun the Smithsonian has on display. It is cataloged as a prototype of Weller's first commercial gun, the Speedy Iron Model B. It is the same shape as the model B but with a case made from wood.
Larger Photo
May 1963 Article In May of 1963 Popular Science magazine published an article on Carl Weller's invention, the instant heat soldering gun. You may read the entire article here covering the history and the theory behind the gun, and view photos and schematics of it's inner workings.

1963 Popular Science Article

My Soldering Iron and Soldering Gun Collection
My Weller Soldering Tools Collection


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