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The Huffy Radio Bike
- Photos, Service, and History -

Huffy Radio Bike
Photo courtesy of G. Farmer -

Click on photos below to view a larger picture.

The Huffy Radio Bike Was manufactured and sold from 1955 to 1958 by the Huffman Manufacturing Co. of Dayton Ohio. Around 8,500 bicycles were produced. They were available in Flamboyant Red with white & black trim, Flamboyant Blue with white & black trim, and Flamboyant Green with white & black trim. The red radio bikes were the prominent survivors. The models produced for sale in 1955 and 1956 had a front fender mounted headlamp while the last version offered in the 1958 catalog was equipped with a front carrier. The Radio Bike was the ultimate Christmas gift for any boy in 1955. It would still be at the top of my list sixty three years later.

The three vacuum tube radio built into the tank was designed and manufactured for Huffy by the Yellow Springs Instrument Company, Ohio. In 1990 Hardy Trollander one of the founders of YSI provided a hand drawn schematic of the radio.
Huffman Manufacturing Co.
Company History (video)

The Huffy Radio Bike radio was powered by a battery pack located on the rear carrier. The antenna was clamped to the down tube of the bike. The radio could tune the entire AM band. The radio bike was available as a single speed (Model 2612) or could be equipped with a Bendix two speed rear hub with coaster brake (Model 2610) as an option. The 1958 also had a three speed option.

Huffy Radio Bile

1955 Huffy Radio Bike Ad 1955 Huffy Radio Bike Ad In 1955 Huffy ran full page ads in boys magazines in preparation for the Christmas season.

1955 Huffy Radio Bike Advertisment
1956 Huffy Advertisment

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