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Zenith 5-S-29

Record Changer Service Manuals

Servicing Vintage
Record Changers

Theory, How They Work, Maintnance, Troubleshooting, and Servicing
of Automatic Record Changers

Looking for
Record Changer Service Manuals?

Philco's Record Changer Handbook
How They Work -
Philco's Record Changer Handbook

Published in 1952, this 16 page Record Changer Handbook covers:

  • Composition of Records
  • Cutting Records
  • Sound Reproduction
  • Pickups and Recording
  • Mechanisms
  • Switches
  • Operation Cycle
  • Record-Player Motors
  • Turntable Speed Reduction
  • Motor Failures
  • Wow and Rumble
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Philco - Servicing Record Changers
Servicing Record Changers
Published in 1958, this 23 page Record Changer Service Guide covers general service of Philcos "M" series Record Changers but aplies to other makes in general also. It includes:
  • Changer adjustments
  • Service
  • Lubrication
  • Parts Replacement
  • Operating Cycles
  • Tonearm Adjustments
  • Needle Pressure
  • Troubleshooting
  • 45 R.P.M. Adaptor Spindles

Looking for Record Changer Service Manuals?


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