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Zenith 5-S-29
Manhattan Electrical Supply Co.
1913 MESCO Catalogue Twenty-Six

"Something Electrical For Everybody"
Manhattan Electrical Supply Co, MESCO
MESCO Antique Electrical Apparatus Catalog for Telegraph, Telephone,
Wireless, and More. Published by the Manhattan Electrical Supply Co.

The Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. was one of the largest electrical suppliers in the early 20th Century. In this MESCO catalog published around 1913, you will find everything from early electrical appliances, light bulbs, batteries, wireless apparatus (radio), telegraph equipment, early telephones, and much more. You can view their Catalog Number Twenty Six here on-line. The catalog is over two hundred pages and I've split it into several files by page numbers. You can use the index below to locate an item's page number and then select the section by page range.
The Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. was located on New York City's Radio Row.

MESCO Catalog 26

View Index
MESCO Catalogue 26 Index

MESCO Catalog Pages 1 - 39
MESCO Catalog 26
Pages 1 to 39

View Pages 1 through 39

MESCO Catalog 26
Pages 40 to 85

View Pages 40 through 85
MESCO Catalog Pages 40 - 85

MESCO Catalog Pages 86 - 122
MESCO Catalog 26
Pages 86 to 122

View Pages 86 through 122

MESCO Catalog 26
Pages 123 to 168

View Pages 123 through 168
MESCO Catalog Pages 123 - 168

MESCO Catalog Pages 169 - 205
MESCO Catalog 26
Pages 163 to 205

View Pages 163 through 205

1894 Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. Letterhead
1894 MESCO Letterhead
The Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. was located on New York City's Radio Row.


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