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1931 Allied Radio Catalog
- Radio Test Equipment

Here are three pages from the 1931 Allied Radio Catalog showing available tube testers and radio test equipment.
Click on a photo below to view a page.

Page 50:
Jewell 199 Set Analyzer
Jewell 209 Tube Checker
Jewell 409 Analyzer
Jewell 198 Test Set
Jewell 210 Tube Tester
Jewell 574 Voltohmeter
Jewell 579 Test Panel
Hickok SG-4600 Set Tester
Hickok A.C.47 Tube Tester
Supreme 400B Diagnometer
Supreme Set Analyzer
Supreme Tube Tester
Hoyt A.C. Attachment
Page 50

Page 51:
Readrite 400 Tube Tester
Readrite 245 Tube Tester
Readrite 450 Tube Short Tester
Readrite Universal AC-DC Test Set
Readrite 216 Tube and Set Tester
Readrite 9-Meter Tube and Set Analyzer
Home Tube Testers
Set Analyzer and Service Kit
Plug-In Line Voltmeter
Special Adapters
Jefferson Tube Rejuvenator
Page 51

Page 52:
Burton-Rodgers B Tube Checker
Burton-Rodgers Direct Reading Ohmeter
Sterling R-402 Tube Tester
Sterling R-412 Tube and Service Test Set
Sterling R-408 Analyzer and Tube Tester
Sterling R-410 Battery and Eliminator Tester
Sterling R-522 AC or DC Set Tester
Sterling R-511 AC-DC Tube Tester
Burton-Rodgers Grid-Dip Oscillator
Burton-Rodgers Set Analyzer
Weston 489 Auto Set Tester
Weston 564 Voltmeter
Weston 555 Counter Tube Checker


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